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The Positive Side of Envy

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We all know how badly it feels when we are envious of someone else. There are times when we want what someone else has or feel unhappy about the success of another. Sometimes these feelings are misinterpreted as feelings of hostility, anger or shame. To be clear, there are other triggers rather than just material […]

How To Understand and Manage Anxiety

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In my practice I see many people seeking treatment for anxiety-related issues. Our first few sessions are centered a round examining symptoms and contributing causes. Some report their anxiety stems from excessive and exaggerated worry about everyday life events such as health, career, family, and financial matters. Others say their anxiety is caused by believing […]

How Feeling Bad Can Be Good For You

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It’s only natural to want to avoid feeling negative emotions such as anger, depression, guilt, remorse or fear. As soon we become conscious of these feelings we immediately seek ways to extinguish them. Feeling unpleasant emotions is extremely uncomfortable and very difficult to tolerate. It is understandable that we would want to avoid them. But, in […]