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Mailbag: Am I Suffering from Depression?

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Hi, Doctor, I’ve always had high-power jobs. Most people regard me as fearless but, in fact, I’ve always been anxious to a point of terror. I have absolutely nothing to worry about: sound physical health, as much money as I’ll ever need, a 55-year marriage, two wonderful and successful children and three cherished grandchildren. My […]

How To Manage Adult Attention Deficit Disorder

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Attention Deficit Disorder is not just a childhood disorder. Adults with ADD/ADHD often have lives that are disorganized, chaotic, and out of control.¬†Adults with ADD/ADHD bounce from one activity to another, experience¬†difficulty staying focused and attending to necessary and daily mundane tasks. They have trouble keeping appointments, are forgetful, impulsive, and reactive in their behaviors […]